The demands of OBCs for 52 hostels scheme were accepted.


The National OBC Federation proposed 22 demands to the government in a meeting called by the government on 29 September 23 for the demands of the OBC community.

After that meeting today on 13th December 23, the OBC Bahujan Welfare Ministry under the leadership of Minister Atul Save and former Minister Dr. Parinay Phuke held a meeting of the National OBC Federation and other organizations at the Nagpur office of the Ministry of Social Welfare and discussed the remaining issues of OBC and approved the remaining eight demands and took a government decision regarding them.

In this, 52 hostels will be started by January 30, also Savitribai Phule Aadhaar Yojana has been implemented for the rest of the students, in which Rs.60,000 has been sanctioned for the urban division, Rs.51,000 for the suburban division and Rs.41,000 for the urban division, and Rs.38,000 for the Tehsil division.

Scholarships were also approved for BCA, MCA, PGDCCA courses. Also, for any scheme of OBC, the condition of creamy layer is Rs. 8 lakh. And it was agreed that out of the condition of non-creamy layer, only the condition of non-creamy layer will be taken into consideration.

Also, the vacancies of government service officers in the OBC category will be reviewed through GAD and information will be given, and the OBC post will also be reviewed by the Secretary. level was stated.

An additional amount of 300 crores was sanctioned to Mahajyoti, the total additional amount was sanctioned to 7000 crores for all institutes.Also a tender proposal was given to NIT for a separate building of Mahajyoti. Apart from this, there was a very positive discussion on other issues of OBCs.

In this meeting, President of National OBC Federation Dr Babanrao Taiwade, OBC Secretary Mrs. Vanita Ved Sinhal, Managing Director of Mahajyoti, General Secretary Sachin Rajurkar, Vice President Sheshrao Yelekar, Joint Secretary Sharad Wankhede, Youth President Subhash Ghate, Regional Vice President Dinesh Chokhare, Ramdas Kamdi, City President Parameshwar Raut. , Ravindra Tonge, Satpute, Rushabh Raut, and officers were present

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