MiET College Shahapur guidance regarding MBIG company certification

MiET College, Shahapur, guidance regarding MBIG company certification…
Shubham Manohar Parkhedkar, CEO of Mbig Company, gave guidance on the certificate in miet college in which the students are made aware to avoid getting involved in some scams. And the computer organization has no authority to issue its own certificate.

Only those who have M.C.A registration can issue the certificate. and is permitted by I.M.C. Must be o. The same body has the authority to issue the certificate. And if some computer institutes have authority like AICPE and NYLET, the company is certified.

Computer Institute What should the certificate contain ?

  • Certificate Issue Date.
  • Certificate No.
  • Organization Registration No.
  • Address Of Organization
  • Mention Signature Name And Position
  • Student Duration Time and Date

Private Limited What should the Letters contain ?

  • offer letter
  • Joining Letter
  • Confirmation Letter
  • Training Letter
  • Experience Letter

Also mentoring was conducted in the presence of Mbig Company CEO Shubham M. Parkhedkar and his group Mrinal Nandanwar, Tripti Ghughuskar, and College Head of a Department Rakesh Jambhulkar sir…

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